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Phillip Jack Brooks, better known by the ring name CM Punk, is an American professional wrestler, professional mixed martial arts commentator, and retired professional mixed martial artist currently signed to All Elite Wrestling.

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AEW Dynamite Results – January 5, 2022
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Now we head back inside the Prudential Center where we hear the familiar sounds of three-time Dynamite Diamond Ring winner and leader of The Pinnacle — Maxwell Jacob Friedman. MJF heads to the ring in cocky, arrogant fashion as always.

Once MJF settles in the ring we see his opponent already waiting for him. Justin Roberts does the ring introductions for this one, which will feature MJF taking on “Captain” Shawn Dean. As soon as the bell sounds, before anything can happen, CM Punk runs down to the ring.

MJF sees Punk coming and he slides under the bottom rope and heads up the entrance ramp. He stops and turns to see Punk staring him down while Shawn Dean stands behind him. Punk eventually turns and kicks Dean in the gut before hitting him with his GTS finisher. After laying out Dean, the bell sounds.

Justin Roberts gets on the mic to announce the outcome, declaring Dean the winner due to disqualification. MJF flips out on the entrance ramp as the commentary team points out that Shawn Dean is starting out 2022 with a 1-0 record so far.

Winner via Disqualification: “Captain” Shawn Dean

After The Match: CM Punk & MJF Do Some Verbal Jousting

Once the match wraps up, Punk gets on the mic and tells MJF that the same thing that just happened will be happening everytime MJF steps into the ring until he agrees to have a match with him.

MJF then gets on the mic and talks about it being bad enough that he’s in this garbage dump of a town and venue. Punk cuts him off and mocks him some more, pointing out how it’s going to be hard to challenge for a title if he keeps losing.

From there, MJF fires back with a vicious retort, mentioning how Punk seems to have a problem with him being compared to Roddy Piper. He claims Punk needs him to be relevant in the modern day wrestling scene and then brings up how he’s just another guy who never got to main event a WrestleMania, just like Roddy Piper. The crowd “oohs” and “ahhs.” MJF teases maybe going to the other side and headlining a WrestleMania himself.

Punk gets back on the mic and says all he wants to do is kick MJF’s ass. He says that MJF is welcome to go and see for himself if the grass is greener on the other side. He says he’ll still be here waiting for him if and when he comes back. MJF eventually gets fed up and says if he wants a fight, then it’s on. He says next week it will be CM Punk one-on-one in that ring against … Wardlow. The crowd boos as MJF heads to the back to end the segment while Punk’s theme plays.

AEW Dynamite Results-September 8th,2021
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Now we head back inside the Fifth Third Arena in Cincinnati, OH. where the familiar sounds of “Cult of Personality” plays and the fans in the building sing along as CM Punk makes his way out.

“The Best in the World” heads down and settles into the ring to address the fallout from All Out. He says he’s gonna get right down to it and might step on some of the fans’ chants. He talks about returning to the ring after seven years being like riding a violent bike.

Punk says he’s back on the bike and ready to get his gear on again. The fans chant “You still got it!” He brings up Minoru Suzuki being here tonight and mentions the bout scheduled for tonight with Jon Moxley. He asks where “Aunt Linda” is. The camera zooms in on here and he calls her a “legitimate angel.” The fans chant for her as Tony Schiavone brings up her raising “Flyin’” Brian Pillman. Punk mentions seeing her on Dark Side of the Ring.

Now he asks who saw the PPV this past Sunday night. He mentions the names of Ruby Soho, Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson — all of whom made their AEW debuts at the PPV event in Chicago this past Sunday night. Punk mentions texting AJ Lee as soon as he defeated Darby Allin in his comeback match.

CM Punk says now the question is what is next. He says he’d like to let the fans have some input. He asks the fans what should be next. He brings up fans chanting Moxley. Before he can say anything else, Taz steps up from his spot at commentary. Punk asks if he’s seriously interrupting him. The fans boo.

Punk tells Taz to never interrupt him again. Taz says if he wants to get tough how about this — don’t ever mention anyone from Team Taz again. Punk says he never did. Taz claims he did in interviews. Team Taz members Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook come over to join Taz by his side. Punk says he can send him Ricky Starks, Hobbs and Hook. He says to all of Team Taz — “Beat me if you can, survive if I let you” — stealing Taz’s old catchphrase to end the segment. We head to another commercial break.

AEW Dynamite Results-September 1st,2021
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Darby Allin vs. Daniel Garcia

We head back inside the NOW Arena and the familiar sounds of “Cult of Personality” plays as Chicago’s favorite son “The Best in the World” himself, CM Punk, makes his way out. He leaps into a group of fans arms as he did in his debut appearance on Dynamite before heading over to the commentary section as we head to a pre-match commercial break.

We’re back from the break and now we are treated to the ring entrances of the competitors in tonight’s main event. From there, the bell sounds to get this one off-and-running.

Straight out of the gate CM Punk is in sale mode for his in-ring return at Sunday’s All Out against Allin. He calls Darby the heart and soul of AEW the same way Sting was for WCW. Darby jumps off to an early offensive lead, meanwhile, in the ring. Things head out to the floor and we see Darby thrown backwards over a nearby setup table with production equiptment on it. His head bounces off the steel guard rail on the way down and Punk jokes that their match might be off now.

As 2.0 tries to sneak in some extra punishment on Allin, we see “The Icon” Sting head over and clean house on all of them. CM Punk promotes his interview with Jim Ross on the Countdown to All Out special that premieres after tonight’s Rampage show.

Back in the ring, we see Garcia continue to dominate the action until things head to the top where Darby pulls off a huge superplex. Unfortunately for Allin, Garcia regained the offensive lead soon thereafter and on that note, we are talked into one final mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues in our main event.

When we return from the final break of the evening, we see Allin beginning to fight from underneath as he looks to regain competitive form. Garcia cuts his comeback short by hopping on his back with a choke. The commentators talk about Darby’s face turning purple in the hold just as he is let go.

Moments later, Darby starts to fight for a comeback again and once again he ends up slowed down with a choke out of nowhere from Garcia. Darby fades but the fans rally him back up and he climbs to the top-rope with Garcia on his back. He leaps off backwards with a Coffin Drop while Garcia was on his back.

This frees him from the choke and the ref begins counting both guys as they are both down and slow to get back up. Both men eventually do get up and start exchanging punches and chops. Darby hits the Pepsi Twist, which Excalibur says on the broadcast and then the camera flashes over to show Punk smiling.

He tells Darby he sees him as Darby grills Punk from in the ring. Darby staring at Punk almost backfired as Garcia hops on him again. This time, however, Garcia hits a Code Red and Punk jokes that it’s a move he’s got to avoid on Sunday. Seconds later Darby scores the pin out of nowhere.

Winner: Darby Allin

After The Match: CM Punk & Darby Allin Stare Each Other Down

As soon as the match ends, 2.0 hits the ring and begins beating down Darby along with Garcia. Sting hits the mix but the three-on-two numbers disadvantage ends up being too much.

CM Punk throws his headset down and heads down to the ringside area to apparently lend a helping hand to his opponent at Sunday’s PPV.

AEW Dynamite Results-August 25th,2021
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CM Punk Makes Dynamite Debut In Milwaukee

As we settle back in from the break, the commentators talk about the memorable AEW debut of CM Punk at last Friday night’s Rampage, which we see some footage of.

Now J.R. sends it down to Tony Schiavone who introduces “The Best in the World” himself, CM Punk. His theme hits and out he comes in the city he represented in MMA, the home of Roufusport.

He soaks in the moment as he settles into the ring and his music dies down. Schiavone introduces him and asks him a question but due to the loud CM Punk chants, Punk’s response was simply to tell Schiavone that he can’t hear him. He and Tony laugh and the fans loudly chant his name again.

Schiavone asks him again what brought him back out of retirement. He lists Penta, Fenix, Pillman Jr. and Jungle Boy, but said Darby Allin is up first. He talks to the camera about Darby being reckless like he wants to end himself.

He looks at him and the others in AEW and he asks himself, can CM Punk still go? Does he still have what it takes? Can he still be the “Best in the World” and if the answer is yes, it starts with Darby Allin because when he looks at Darby he sees someone who’d be his favorite wrestler if he were 15 years old.

Punk goes on to give more praise to Darby and says if he’s gonna answer these questions than that’s the guy to do it against. The fans break out in a Yes! chant. He says that’s someone else’s gimmick and tells the fans they might just need to be a little more patient. They go nuts knowing he’s alluding to Daniel Bryan. He says 9/5 proves himself right when he beats Darby. He blows a kiss to his wife at home, April. His theme hits again to end the segment.