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Phillip Jack Brooks, better known by the ring name CM Punk, is an American professional wrestler, professional mixed martial arts commentator, and retired professional mixed martial artist currently signed to All Elite Wrestling.

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AEW Dynamite Results – January 5, 2022
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Now we head back inside the Prudential Center where we hear the familiar sounds of three-time Dynamite Diamond Ring winner and leader of The Pinnacle — Maxwell Jacob Friedman. MJF heads to the ring in cocky, arrogant fashion as always.

Once MJF settles in the ring we see his opponent already waiting for him. Justin Roberts does the ring introductions for this one, which will feature MJF taking on “Captain” Shawn Dean. As soon as the bell sounds, before anything can happen, CM Punk runs down to the ring.

MJF sees Punk coming and he slides under the bottom rope and heads up the entrance ramp. He stops and turns to see Punk staring him down while Shawn Dean stands behind him. Punk eventually turns and kicks Dean in the gut before hitting him with his GTS finisher. After laying out Dean, the bell sounds.

Justin Roberts gets on the mic to announce the outcome, declaring Dean the winner due to disqualification. MJF flips out on the entrance ramp as the commentary team points out that Shawn Dean is starting out 2022 with a 1-0 record so far.

Winner via Disqualification: “Captain” Shawn Dean

After The Match: CM Punk & MJF Do Some Verbal Jousting

Once the match wraps up, Punk gets on the mic and tells MJF that the same thing that just happened will be happening everytime MJF steps into the ring until he agrees to have a match with him.

MJF then gets on the mic and talks about it being bad enough that he’s in this garbage dump of a town and venue. Punk cuts him off and mocks him some more, pointing out how it’s going to be hard to challenge for a title if he keeps losing.

From there, MJF fires back with a vicious retort, mentioning how Punk seems to have a problem with him being compared to Roddy Piper. He claims Punk needs him to be relevant in the modern day wrestling scene and then brings up how he’s just another guy who never got to main event a WrestleMania, just like Roddy Piper. The crowd “oohs” and “ahhs.” MJF teases maybe going to the other side and headlining a WrestleMania himself.

Punk gets back on the mic and says all he wants to do is kick MJF’s ass. He says that MJF is welcome to go and see for himself if the grass is greener on the other side. He says he’ll still be here waiting for him if and when he comes back. MJF eventually gets fed up and says if he wants a fight, then it’s on. He says next week it will be CM Punk one-on-one in that ring against … Wardlow. The crowd boos as MJF heads to the back to end the segment while Punk’s theme plays.


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