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Phillip Jack Brooks, better known by the ring name CM Punk, is an American professional wrestler, professional mixed martial arts commentator, and retired professional mixed martial artist currently signed to All Elite Wrestling.

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AEW All Out Results-September 5th,2021
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CM Punk vs. Darby Allin

We move on to the pre-match video package to tell the story leading up to the long-awaited in-ring return of CM Punk, as he goes one-on-one against Darby Allin — next.

Back live inside the NOW Arena, we cut to a black-and-white Darby Allin trademark pre-match vignette. It shows him grabbing a body bag and attatching it to a helicopter that he is flying in, which he leaps out of.

The video wraps up and Darby Allin’s theme is playing as we return live inside the NOW Arena. Allin makes his way out accompanied by “The Icon” Sting. He is holding his trademark skateboard. He and Sting give each other a pound and then Allin hugs Sting and begins skating down to the ring for this highly-anticipated showdown.

A very focused, determined and possibly even nervous-looking Darby Allin takes a seat in the corner of the ring as his music fades down and in the silence, we immediately hear an enormously loud “CM Punk!” chant that spreads throughout the Chicago-based venue.

From there, the familiar sounds of “Cult of Personality” plays and the Chi-Town fans sing along with the lyrics to the world-famous song as “The Dapper Yapper” Justin Roberts introduces “The Best in the World” CM Punk. Punk makes his way out and the already loud crowd gets noticably louder. He kneels down in the ring aisle and combs the fake sand in trademark fashion and then like only he can, yells out, “It’s clobbering time!” which the fans shout along with him.

CM Punk makes his way down to the ring as we get ready for our co-main event of the evening here at the AEW All Out 2021 pay-per-view inside the NOW Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. It’s almost time, wrestling fans!

The camera shows Allin sitting in the corner of the ring and the commentators note that he is doing the right thing by allowing Punk to have his moment. Punk takes his ring jacket off and has his wrists taped up in trademark fashion. He’s wearing black tights with blue stripes going down the side and white stars along the side as well.

Punk’s music fades down and the fans chant of “CM Punk!” only gets louder. CM Punk sees Allin sitting in the corner of the ring. He sits down cross-legged in trademark CM Punk fashion a couple of feet away from Allin. The two just stare intensely at each other as the fans chant “Holy sh*t!” Allin pops up and takes his ring jacket off.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running. The fans go nuts as soon as the bell sounds. Punk and Allin immediately start circling each other. They lock up and the fans erupt again. One of the loudest lock-up pops you’ll ever see. Allin arm-drags Punk down to get things going. The fans break out in another “CM Punk!” chant. They lock up again and Punk pulls a side head lock. He hits the ropes and lets go. He shoulder blocks Allin down and the crowd explodes again.

We hear the fans break out in a “Welcome back!” chant. Punk points at Allin and looks at the crowd. He points at himself and looks at the crowd, which explodes to let him know that yes, obviously, it is he who they are welcoming back. They lock up again and Allin applies a hammer lock on Punk. Punk reverses. Allin reverses it back. Now we hear a “Let’s go Darby!” and “CM Punk!” split / dueling chant from different sections of the crowd inside the NOW Arena.

Allin brings Punk down to the mat and works on controlling the arm in the hammer lock. Punk works his way back up and he drops Allin with a back-elbow. He scoops Allin up and slams him down. He covers him but Allin kicks out at one. Punk slaps a rear chin lock on Allin. Allin escapes and charges at Punk with a full head of steam. Punk side-steps him and Allin goes sailing out to the floor. Punk smirks as the fans chant “You still got it!”

Now we see Darby fire up out of nowhere and he goes to work on Punk in the corner of the ring. He sprints from one end of the ring to the other with a coffin splash on Punk in the corner. He keeps that same energy as he charges at Punk who reverses him and irish-whips him hard into the corner. Allin swung through the ropes and bounced hard off the steel ring post. Allin’s eye looks banged up after that spot. Punk heads out and brings Allin back in the ring. He goes to work on him with a unique submission on the mat.

Punk slows the pace down as he continues to control Allin with holds and various submission attempts. He locks Allin in an abdominal stretch which he modifies into a bit of a neck crank. Allin elbows his way out but walks into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Punk for a near fall. Punk slaps a rear chin lock on Allin once again to slow down the pace, which Excalibur does a good job of pointing out on the broadcast. The fans break out into dueling “Darby Allin!” and “CM Punk!” chants as Allin tries to fight from underneath back into competitive form.

The commentators call this the most unorthodox match Allin has ever been involved in during his run in AEW thus far, as it has been very much an old-school style mat-based wrestling match with a couple of sped-up flurries mixed in here and there. Allin builds up a full head of steam after escaping and he blasts into Punk, decking “The Best in the World.” Both guys are slow to get up but when they do, it is Allin who starts to speed up and take over on offense. He hits a couple of big spots for close near falls. He hits a code red that Punk specifically mentioned wanting to avoid during his commentary on Rampage this past Friday. He goes for the cover but Punk kicks out.

Allin heads to the top rope and is looking for a Coffin Drop, however Punk avoids it. Punk brings Allin up to the top and goes up after him. Whatever he was trying to do doesn’t work, as Allin reverses in mid-air and brings Punk down the hard way. He hits another spot on Punk for a near fall but Punk hangs on. Punk connects with his GTS finisher but Allin bounces out to the floor so he can’t finish him. He heads out after him and brings him back into the ring. A lifeless Allin lays on the mat as Punk plays to the crowd and calls for another GTS. He hoists Allin up but Allin starts elbowing Punk once he’s across Punk’s shoulders. He elbows the hell out of Punk until Punk collapses face-first into the canvas, and then Allin keeps elbowing the crap out of him some more anyways.

Punk rolls out to the floor and is beat up and staggering. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Allin builds up a full head of steam and launches himself from the ring to the floor, crashing onto and taking out Punk in the process. He heads back into the ring and climbs to the top rope. He hits a flipping senton off the top-rope and takes Punk out on the flloor with it. We see some immediate replays of that as the fans chant “This is awesome!” Allin rolls Punk back in the ring and heads to the top-rope backwards. He mocks Punk’s GTS signal and then leaps off backwards with a Coffin Drop attempt. Punk sits up like The Undertaker and Allin crashes about an inch next to him back-first. Punk smiles and shakes his head. Allin pops up, however, and pulls Punk over and nearly finishes him.

Punk hangs on and takes back over on offense. He takes it to him and finally hoists him up again and connects with another GTS. This time, however, Allin doesn’t land and roll out to the floor, so Punk is able to cover him. 1-2-3. CM Punk wins in his long-awaited comeback. The fans erupt with cheers at the finish and Punk’s theme plays as “The Best in the World” soaks in the big moment and the equally big victory. He talks to the camera and says something about seven years.

Once the match wraps up, “The Icon” Sting comes out from the back and heads down to the ring as Punk is celebrating. He walks over and shakes Punk’s hand. Punk and Sting both go over to check on Allin. Allin stumbles up to his feet and leans against the ropes. Punk walks over and the two shake hands. The crowd cheers. Punk’s theme starts over again. Punk backs into a corner and watches as Sting and Allin exit and head to the back. Punk soaks in the moment with his hometown fans a little more.

Winner: CM Punk


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